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Club Performance Coilovers - Subaru for $1999.99 at Yellow Speed Racing, USA

Club Performance Coilovers - Subaru


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CLUB PERFORMANCE coilovers feature individual adjustments for compression and rebound damping settings, as well as full length ride height adjustment. This suspension system is ideal for automotive enthusiasts desiring excellent handling when they participate in occasional track days, weekend race events, or less aggressive road courses, but also desiring adjustable damping setups for daily driving without sacrificing ride comfort. With an external reservoir, this system allows for increased oil capacity to dissipate heat more efficiently, which enables you to operate this product for a long period of time without failure. Individual damping will also improve performance & handling.

High quality components are adopted to ensure product durability and stability. Each application is test fit and completely road tested to guarantee perfect performance and comfort.

Please note that ALL of our coilovers are hand built and made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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  • What is the ride height of 13+ Subaru Forester SJ version 2 (4 cm taller)? Is it similar to stock or slightly higher? Or is it still lower than stock?

    This kit will offer up to stock ride height at the highest setting. It can still be lowered to below stock ride height. If you need a kit that can raise the vehicle higher than stock ride height, you can send us an email at sales@yellowspeedracingusa.com and we can build you a custom set to achieve higher than stock ride height.  We also have gravel rally spec coilovers that will offer 2" of additional ride height if the vehicle will be used for stage rally or rallycross style events.