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Dynamic Pro Sport Coilovers - BMW M3 1995-1999 (E36)

Dynamic Pro Sport Coilovers - BMW M3 1995-1999 (E36)


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Coilover Design
Upper Mount Design
SPRING RATES 8k Varies (See Below)
UPPER MOUNT Pillowball w/ Camber Plates Aluminum w/ Hardened Rubber Bushings


Application Notes: 

  • Please select desired Rear Coilover Style when ordering
    • Shock & Spring Divorced kits are equipped with 8k F / 10k R spring rates
    • True Coilover option equipped with 8k F / 7k R spring rates
  • Please select desired Upper Mount Style when ordering

DYNAMIC PRO SPORT coilovers are designed and developed for motoring enthusiasts desiring excellent handling without sacrificing ride comfort. This suspension system features 33-way adjustable dampening settings and full length ride height adjustment to meet every driver’s handling desires. Pillowball mounts and adjustable camber plates are included for front and rear on most kits to increase steering response, while aluminum upper mounts with hardened rubber bushings are used on some applications for noise reduction. This suspension system is ideal for daily driving and occasional track use. Vehicle ride height can be lowered at least 2.5" or more on most application. 

A steel lower bracket is utilized for MacPherson strut type to increase rigidity for safety (where applicable). For most MacPherson strut models, the brake line bracket is welded manually perfectly to the steel lower mount. A high quality forged alloy aluminum lower bracket is used for Double-A Arm strut type (where applicable). The steel/aluminum lower bracket is processed with electroplated/ anodized surface treatment to prevent corrosion or rust in the harsh conditions of motorsport. The vehicle ride height can be adjusted easily with the lower bracket by winding up and down to drop and raise. With the lower bracket, it allows maximum suspension travel without affecting the shock stroke.

High quality components are adopted to ensure product durability and stability. Each application is test fit and completely road tested to guarantee perfect performance and comfort.

Please note that ALL of our coilovers are hand built and made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks on average for shipping.

**Photographs shown are stock photos; Actual items may vary in appearance or features. Please contact us for specific features of each kit.

We are now offering both standard and offset upper mounts for the following vehicles:

E36 M3 (92-99) & E46 M3 (01-06)

The pros and cons of these upper mounts are as listed below:

Offset M3 Front Upper Mounts:

  1. Pro: Caster will be very similar to stock angle. 
  2. Con: To adjust camber, removal of the coilover assembly from the vehicle is required.

Offset M3 Upper Mounts
Standard Design M3 Front Upper Mounts:

  1. Pro: Customer can adjust camber without removing the coilover.
  2. Con: Caster will not be similar to stock angle.

Standard M3 Front Upper Mount


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