Dynamic Pro Gravel Rally Coilovers 2013-2019 Ford Fiesta ST (MKVI) for $1699.00 at Yellow Speed Racing, USA

Dynamic Pro Gravel Rally Coilovers 2013-2019 Ford Fiesta ST (MKVI)


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UPPER MOUNT Pillowball Aluminum w/ Hardened Rubber Bushings OR Pillowball
STRUT DESIGN Inverted Standard


Application Notes:

  • Please select desired rear upper mount style when ordering

Yellow Speed Racing's Dynamic Pro Gravel Rally Coilover Kits are an affordable coilover option for driver's that prefer the adrenaline of off road racing over normal track racing. 

Dynamic Pro Gravel Rally Features:

  • Long shock travel (similar length to OEM travel) (varies by application)

  • Raises the vehicle higher than factory suspension (2"+, depending on application)

  • Lower bracket is designed for additional rigidity and strength.

  • For suspension systems utilizing a MacPherson strut type, a inverted monotube design is utilized to reduce excessive heat transfer from the brake system to the damping oil and shock piston.

  • This suspension system comes standard with pillow ball upper mounts (where applicable). For some race regulations, we also offer R/U (hardened rubber upper mount) as an alternative for customers.

  • Front upper mount is 4mm thicker than the standard upper mount (depending on applications).

  • 55mm shock bodies with monotube inverted shock insert are utilized to ensure maximum durability and strength.

  • Compared to stock coilovers or general suspension systems on the market, our 2-way or 3-way Advanced Pro Plus Rally Gravel coilovers can withstand leaping movements and endure the impact from the gravel rally courses. These coilover kits offer excellent handling and shock absorbing capabilities for rough terrain. Especially for 3-way Advanced Pro Plus Rally Gravel coilovers, having both low-speed and high-speed compression damping adjustments is a great tuning advantage as it can dissipate weight transfer on low-speed compression and reduce impact on high-speed compression to maintain tire traction.

The 2-way and 3-way Advanced Pro Plus Rally Gravel coilovers are made to order, and the lead time is about 12-14 business days.

High quality components are adopted to ensure product durability and stability. Each application is test fit and completely road tested to guarantee perfect performance and comfort.

**Photographs shown are stock photos; Actual items may vary in appearance or features. Please contact us for specific features of each kit.


Ask a Question
  • Are any modifications needed to fit these on the 2016 Fiesta ST? For the rear upper mount, is the pillowball or solid aluminum style recommended?

    No additional modifications are needed for installation of this kit. Pillowball offers more flexibility of the suspension but tends to make some noises as they wear (Also need to be replaced every 3-4 years), where the solid aluminum are quiet operation but offer less flexibility.

  • Do these fit on the ford fiesta se sedan?

    This kit only fits the ST model. You would want part # YS01-FD-1GR003. If you need assistance with finding / ordering this kit, you can email us at sales@ysr-usa.com and we'd be happy to help. 

  • Do any accompanying parts need to be installed to install this kit? Links, things like that?

    This kit includes everything necessary for installation, no additional components are required.

  • How often does Dynamic Pro Gravel Rally shock need to be serviced? Do you offer rebuilding? What is the cost to have them rebuilt?

    The timeframe in which they need to be serviced varies by frequency of rally events and severity of use. 

    We have customers using our rally gravel kits in stage rally for 3+ years without servicing needed. 

  • Can I use the gravel racing coilovers on normal road? Since the road conditions is very poor in my city. Can the coilovers works on standard height or it must be higher than factory setup? Ford fiesta ST 2015

    Yes, we have many customers using gravel rally suspension for daily driving use. The lowest setting is approx. factory ride height on this kit.

  • What are the spring rates for a 2017 Focus RS? Thanks.

    5k F / 4k R

  • I have a focus rs 2017. I want to use it mainly on rough tarmac and dirt and also as a daily driver mainly. Not competition. Looking fot more comfortzble and compliant suspension with longdr travel and about 1 inch lift over standard. Interested in more adjustsbility. How much for premuim?

    Hello, this 1 way gravel rally kit would be perfect for that. This kit features a front inverted damper which not only extends the life expectancy of the suspension when used in rought terrain, but also adds additional ride comfort characteristics. This kit allows you to lift the vehicle up to 2" above factory, but you can adjust it to lift only 1" above factory height.

  • For the fiesta ST, do these provide coilovers in all 4 corners or separate struts and springs in the rear?

    The rear is a divorced style rear with shock and spring separate.

  • I have a 2018 RS. Do your pro gravel coil overs effect the active suspension system the cars come with? And if so, does it come with the required electronic component to cancel it? Also, do you have the pro gravel plus for the RS r just the standard 1-way coil overs?

    We can build any of our gravel rally kits for the RS. It will disable the front OE EDC system but will not trigger any lights or errors.

  • I have a 2016 Fiesta ST, does the raised ride height cause any issues with the factory cv axles?

    We've yet to be informed of any issues due to the additional ride height on this model.

  • How high does it lift the rs and does it mess with functionality of it being a street/dirt/everyday car.

    This kit can lift the vehicle up to 2" above stock ride height. The vehicle actually rides very nicely even at the lifted ride height due to the inverted dampers.

  • Hey I have a 2013 Focus ST, how high would this suspension lift the car? And how much more would it be for adjustable dampening? Thanks!

    Our rally gravel kits on the Focus ST offer approx. 2" of additional ride height. This kit has adjustable damping as a standard feature as well with 33 settings for damping.

  • Hello, does the kit lifts the car height? if yes how much many thanks.

    Yes this kit is designed to lift the vehicle up to 2" above factory height.

  • Hello I have 2013 Focus ST would these coil over be good for a gravel and dirt course and stand the impact of small to decent sized jumps?

    This kit is designed specifically for offroad / dirt course / rally use and are built to withstand the abuse of leaping motions and other obstacles commonly found during stage rally / rallycross events. They feature reinforced lower mounts and thicker upper mounts.

  • Hello, What are the spring rates? thanks

    Hello, for which vehicle year and model specifically?

  • Hi, i'm looking for a set of coilovers. I'm building a Ford Fiesta 2014 1.6 rally car, N Group, so basically is the standart car with a good suspension (gravel use). Do you have something to offer me? Thanks

    The kit you are looking at will most likely be the best fit for the events you will be participating in. Depending on the regulations of this race series, we also offer hardened rubber upper mounts to keep you in a specific class if needed.