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Yellow Speed Racing, USA

Inverted Pro Street Coilovers - BMW M3 2001-2006 (E46)

Inverted Pro Street Coilovers - BMW M3 2001-2006 (E46)


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Rear Coilover Style
Front Upper Mount Style
Upper Mount Style
SPRING RATES 12k Varies (See Below)
UPPER MOUNT Rubber OR Pillowball w/ Camber Plates Aluminum w/ Hardened Rubber Bushings
STRUT DESIGN Inverted Standard


Application Notes: 

  • Please select desired Rear Coilover Style when ordering
    • Shock & Spring Divorced kits are equipped with 12k F / 10k R spring rates
    • True Coilover option equipped with 12k F / 7k R spring rates
    • True Coilover models require trimming of vehicle body for installation
  • Please select desired Front Upper Mount Style when ordering

Our Inverted Pro Street coilovers feature similar characteristics of our popular Dynamic Pro Sport Coilovers, but with a 55mm inverted monotube shock body to increase the strength & comfort of the suspension. We are constantly testing new features, improving our design, and testing these coilovers to make sure that our kit lives up to our customer's expectations. 

This kit features an inverted monotube design to improve vehicle handling and comfort, while increasing the strength of the suspension. These kits offer additional shock fluid capacity to assist with heat dissipation and the larger shock body provides exceptional strength, which prevents premature failure of shafts seals. Our Inverted Dampers feature an aluminum ring seal to resist corrosion and damage from debris by providing a perfect seal.  

Inverted Pro Street Coilovers are designed to offer a superior ride quality for street driving with exceptional handling & performance for track use.

Please note that pillowball upper mounts w/ camber plates may cause a significant noise increase from the suspension. It is recommended to utilize the rubber upper mounts for NVH reduction if noise is a concern. No returns will be offered due to noise from suspension if client opts for pillowball upper mounts.


For suspension systems with front or rear MacPherson style struts, the damper will be provided with an inverted monotube design which is utilized to reduce the effect upon the damping oil and shock piston resulting from high temperature from the brake system. The inverted damper also can resist lateral stress more efficiently. The inverted damper reduces unsprung weight for quicker suspension response. For any suspension system with featuring a rear A-Arm suspension type, the rear damper shaft has been thickened to 20mm, which is able to support more side force stress, and ensure the vehicle will remain more controllable. In addition, the thickened damper shaft is more resistant to damage. The 55mm steel shock body is coated with a zinc plating for exceptional corrosion resistance.


1 Way Drift Spec Coilovers feature 33 levels of damping adjustment with the turn of a knob. Rebound & Compression Damping are controlled simultaneously. Inverted Dampers are adjusted from the bottom of the coilover.


Some vehicle applications are unable to allow damping adjustment on the rear coilovers without coilover removal. With extensive testing & development, we now offer an improved rear dampening adjustment method for these vehicles. The Rear Sustech Inverted damper features a damping dial at the bottom portion of the coilover to allow simple adjustment without the need to remove any components. Sustech Inverted Dampers are included when applicable.

High quality components are adopted to ensure product durability and stability. Each application is test fit and completely road tested to guarantee perfect performance and comfort.

Please note that ALL of our coilovers are hand built and made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

**Photographs shown are stock photos; Actual items may vary in appearance or features. Please contact us for specific features of each kit.

We are now offering both standard and offset upper mounts for the following vehicles:

E36 M3 (92-99) & E46 M3 (01-06)

The pros and cons of these upper mounts are as listed below:

Offset M3 Front Upper Mounts:

  1. Pro: Caster will be very similar to stock angle. 
  2. Con: To adjust camber, removal of the coilover assembly from the vehicle is required.

Offset M3 Upper Mounts
Standard Design M3 Front Upper Mounts:

  1. Pro: Customer can adjust camber without removing the coilover.
  2. Con: Caster will not be similar to stock angle.

Standard M3 Front Upper Mount


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