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Yellow Speed Racing Air Jacks Kit - 3 Pieces w/ Connector Valve for $899.00 at Yellow Speed Racing, USA

Yellow Speed Racing Air Jacks Kit - 3 Pieces w/ Connector Valve


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Yellow speed racing Air Jacks are made from high grade steel which is the same material used for our suspension kits. The jacks are lightweight and durable, designed to satisfy both race drivers and pit teams who aim to shorten pit time at the track. This product vastly decreases time and effort in jacking up a vehicle at pit stop compared to traditional methods.

For increased safety and security, please check out our YSR Safety Props found in the YSR Accessories section as well. These clip on to the air jacks after they have fully extended and act as an extra layer of safety by preventing the air jack from being able to accidentally decompress while the vehicle is raised. 

Note: This kit includes 3 individual air jacks, as well as 1 connector valve. Any other components required to install the kit to your vehicle are sold separately (If applicable).


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  • I have your four piece air-jack system on my Cayman R Cup. One of the jacks is damaged, is it possible to order one of these?

    Yes, please send us an email to sales@yellowspeedracingusa.com and we can assist you.